About Us

We provide cost estimation & quantities take-off with 98-100% accuracy in quantities and our rates are much less as compared to the market. We have 15 years of estimation experience, with offices based in New York, Sydney, Bedfordshire and Dubai. We deal in both residential and commercial categories.
Whether you are a General Contractor or Sub-Contractor, we can do the take-off and estimation work for you with highest possible accuracy.
We specialize in estimates for; Bill Of Quantities, Preliminary Estimates, Architectural Designs, Residential Builders, New Homes, Home Renovations, Home Extensions, Owner Builders, Trade Specific Estimations, Material Take Offs, Swimming Pools etc.
In all our offices, we have a team of 10 or more experienced Estimators & Civil Engineers and we use market leading software so you don’t have to worry about the estimates. The estimates will be most accurate and we have shortest turnaround time.
You can trust that when working with International Estimating, we will do what we say and we will keep sensitive information confidential. Contact us today to let us serve you.